Working capital is for those businesses that needs something done now. For instance, a major client goes under leaving your cashflow in serious trouble. Or a new printer or truck is available and will save you tens of thousands of dollars per year, you just need to get the funding sorted. Or The extra staff needs to be paid but that new client is on 90 day terms….

Usually funded in 48 hours or so, working capital is fast and flexible. Funds gp directly to your bank account, ready to use.


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Case study

Clients run an Italian food import business. Fine foods, breads, high quality oils, coffee and more. Business was booming, demand was growing and expansion was planned into VIC and QLD. The growth potential and demand for the products were very clear, there was a very healthy pipeline of orders and new customers.

Problem: Access to funds to buy stock and pay for import & shipping was restricting the business from taking advantage of the opportunity.

Solution: We approached a lender that specialises in working capital. They were able to arrange an $200k unsecured facility for the business.


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