Start up finance is something relative new. Traditionally business finance was only available for businesses with two years track record (read financials). But no more. Lenders have really recognised a gap in the market. There are some great business people that for one reason or another do not have a track record. This could be because they have just come from a job (with many years experience) and want to have a go on their own. Or a cafe owner that is setting up a new cafe with new ABN or ...


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Case study

Client had dreamed of owning his own business for many years but felt it was too risky to start from scratch. So he decided to buy a franchise instead. The franchise was a well known brand, the shop was already established and he was training was offered on everything to get started.

The chllenge was the client had to invest significant funds to get started. While he had a good amount of money saved, he needed a loan to cover the rest. So he put together a business plan, cash flow forecast and the financial information from the franchise and went to see his bank manager.

Problem: His bank did not see this as a solid investment however and declined the application. Three further banks did the same....

Solution: Even though the clients credit file had taken a beating we were able to arrange a loan to purchase the franchise. Loan approved within a week, client went on to generate significant income from the business and is now looking for another shop with the same chain.


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