Once the exclusive domain of the big four banks, franchise finance is now available through a variety of lenders.

Obtaining a franchise can be difficult as the cost can easily be $200k+ for the goodwill (read name and historic turn over).

New lenders have recognised though that there is strength and value in the system and branding a franchise brings. In a good franchise, there is also great support to makeĀ the store a success.



Case Study

Often getting your finance approved is a case of matching the application to the right lender. There are nowadays so many lenders and they all have different risk profiling, different markets they understand best and different appetitie (at different times...).

The problem is they won't tell you this because they are still happy to look at all types of finance. TheĀ  applicant/application might be very straight forward and if that's the case, why not take it.

That was what went wrong with our clients however. They


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