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Commercial finance has come a long way. Gone are the days of 60% lend, annual reviews and high interest rates. Gone are the days of going to your bank manager with all business financials and hoping he will say yes...

It is now possible to get residential style loans: Like loan terms up to 30 years, no annual reviews, Principal and Interest or Interest Only. Other options include Full Doc, Low Doc, Lease Doc under a company structure or personal name or SMSF.


Case Study

Client were commited to the purchase of new office space for $1.3m. They were getting a large part of the funds from the refinance of existing residential property.

Problem: The valuation of the resi property came in well below expectation and the required funds could not be obtained.

Client had already tried their bank but as they did not have their latest tax returns ready the best they could offer was 65%-70% against the new office. This was not enough.

Solution: We approached a lender that used the BAS statements to show serviceability. The facility settled at 80% LVR at a competitive rate.


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