Cashflow can be a real challenge in business. Especially if you are B2B (offering your products or services to other businesses). Small independent businesses are keen to keep their cash in their own pocket for as long as possible and larger contracts will demand 90 or 120 day terms.

To make matters worse, Australian businesses have a terrible track record when it comes to paying invoices on time. The average time for an invoice to be paid here is 26.4 days after the due date... And this can have a real impact on your business. Salaries still need to be paid, stock still needs to be purchased, it can add financial stress, cause uncertainty or effect business relationships. Especially in the SME. and growth plans or investments are hard to do.

That is where cashflow finance can be a solution. It injects cash into your business without the need for collateral. Cashflow finance can cover short term cash flow challenges quickly and through an easy set up process giving you peace of mind to focus on working and growing your business.


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Case study

John's painting business was doing well. He had secured additional project builders as clients and the margins were good. It meant he had to take on extra staff but he knew the work was there.

12 months later he got some bad news. One of his other clients had gone bust and they still owed him money. John had to decide quickly what to do.  There was still plenty of work and he did not want to risk loosing the high quality and loyal employees he now had... When John approached his bank for an overdraft, they refused.

He was left wondering just how he would be able to pay wages and keep his other bills up to date.

Solution: An unsecured cashflow loan based on John's turn over figures and BAS statements was arranged and 3 days later John had the cash in the bank. John was able to get through the temporary problem, keep his workers and bills paid on time and continue a successful business.


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