Car finance made easy

Mercedes-X-seriesCar finance has changed a lot over the last few years. So, if you need a new work vehicle, here are some of those changes:

  • Just one year in business… Yes, we can. Some lenders will consider new businesses if you can show sufficient cash flow or have been in a job in that industry.
  • Don’t have financials up to date yet… Yes, also possible. Through a low documentation option it is possible to get vehicle finance. Rates are still possible from 4.99%
  • Don’t have a deposit ready… That’s ok, 100% finance (104% actually) is possible in some cases.
  • I hear I need to be a property/home owner and I am not…. There might be other ways to show you are a good credit risk. call us.

We have car & other vehicle solutions for trades people, real estate agents, transport companies, couriers, Taxi, limousine & hire cars.

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